Thinking – Writing


The Business Birthing Handbook
A handbook for entrepreneurs. Using pregnancy as an analogy, I explore the four sequential stages of creative gestation—Inspiration, Visioning, Engineering, and Actualization. (Buy the PDF)

50 Questions for Every Graphic Designer
Published in “The Journal”, Design Week Portland

100 Ways to Make More Money: Proposals for the Feminine Economy
Originally written for inclusion in Day Job — a book exploring women’s perspectives on creative work. (Buy the PDF)

Money or Barter? A Worksheet on Working for Trade
Published in Actually People Quarterly, Summer ’14.

Women in Clothes survey
A few excerpts from this full-length questionnaire were published in the Women in Clothes book.

It Wants to Be Free
A lapsed periodic advice column on art, life and creative work.

Thinking – Press & Interviews


Jennifer Armbrust on the Feminist Future
Interview with Carville Annex (February 2014)

Card Carrying Feminist
Interview with Hanna Fushihara for H.P. France (March 2014)

Divining Woman
Portland Monthly Magazine (July 2013)

Jenn Armbrust on Creative Bliss
Podcast Interview on The Job PDX (April 2013)

Thinking – Speaking & Teaching


Feminist Business School
Women’s Center for Creative Work, Los Angeles • September 2016 & November 2015
BND DSGN Conference, Bend • October 2015
Washington High, Portland • October 2015

Proposals for the Feminine Economy
CreativeMornings Talk at the Portland Art Museum • June 2015

Asking the Plants About Abundance
Women’s Center for Creative Work, Los Angeles • June 2016
San Francisco Botanical Garden with Carville Annex • November 2014

Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Money
Carville Annex • November 2014


Quote – Ono Orbit

Think of people
close to you
as planets.
Sometimes it’s
nice to just
watch them
orbit and shine.